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I am a writer (and a poet), I do my best at drawing and make manips when I have a chance. I make both original stuff and fan art, I used to have a huge Heroes obsession.


I do fave rather much. That is because I have liked the piece of art. I hope you, too, will find something interesting in here.




I am nineteen years old Estonian girl and do my best at being creative.

Current Residence: Tallinn, Estonia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: S
Favourite genre of music: symphonic/power metal
Personal Quote: Rebel without cause but with cause.
  • Listening to: Skyrim soundtrack
  • Reading: Much Ado about Nothing
  • Drinking: rooibos tea
iceofwolf noticed my last journal is very old and decided to fix that. Thus, a meme.

10 things about me:
1. I have grown my hair long since I was three years old. While I sometimes cut the ends I don't really comprehend the idea of cutting my hair short. The extremely long hair is a very intrinsic part of who I am.

2. I haven't used hair ties in a while and now fasten my hair with ribbons. I'm not sure if ordinary hair ties really made my hair ends that much thinner or my hair just decided that it is so long it might as well act old-fashioned.

3. I've done NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, must write 50 000 words of novel during November) five years in a row. I love it. Even if it drives me crazy every single time.

4.When I was little, I was a really picky eater. I didn't eat ketchup, mustard, honey, liquorice, mushrooms, carrots, beetroot, turnips, olives… a lot of things. I still dislike olives and beetroot.

5. I get upset when the books in my bookcase are not in the exact order. I change the order from time to time, but I still get very fidgety when someone puts a book in the wrong place. Same with pencils in their boxes.

6. I really dislike looking into a mirror in the dark. I don't fear darkness, though.

7. When I was a kid I wanted to become a nun. I am not quite sure why, since I never was really religious and what little Christianity managed to cling to me wore off by the time I was ten or so.

8. I love Boolean algebra. Especially Karnaugh maps. I think Karnaugh maps are beautiful. (Yeah, I'm a nerd.)

9. My favourite historical person is Eleanor of Aquitaine. I read about her in French class and was impressed from the beginning.

10. I read a lot, but I don't really have a favourite book. I do have a top five.

10 questions for me:
1. What kind of questions do you like being asked?
The ones that make me squirm a bit, or at least exercise my brain.

2.  What are you supposed to be doing instead of answering this question?

3.  What is... damnit, now I have to think of real questions.  What is your favorite YouTube video?
I don't really have one.

4.  What is one movie you want more people to see?  Not necessarily your favorite movie, just one that you think people should watch for some reason.  (Note that I will probably end up watching it, so no pr0n!)
The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky. I am the kind who thought it deep. And, well, if it isn't deep for you, it has beautiful visuals.

5.  Are you a morning person or a night person?
Night. Definitely night. I can get up early, too, and have a tendency to go to sleep late and wake up early(ish) until I crash and sleep 12 hours in a row.

6.  Do you listen to music in languages you can't understand?
Yes. I usually start listening music because it is beautiful and don't really think about the lyrics.

7.  What is one odd habit or quirk of yours?
  I have a tendency to start dividing a number into its divisors. Any number. Page numbers when I read books, numbers on street signs… and I usually do it without thinking about it.

8.  Cats or dogs?
Tough one. I like cats more, but after two hours in their company they make me sneeze and my nose starts itching horribly. I suppose it is an allergy, although the tests they did when I was little didn't catch it. No such problem with dogs.

9.  What is something you really, really wanted — and got?
Hum. I'm not quite sure. Some things I shouldn't have wished for, among others?

10.  What is your favorite scent?
Cinnamon, I think.

10 questions for you:
1. Coffee or tea? If tea, green or black?
2. Sounds or scents?
3. Who is your favourite artist?
4. What book would you recommend to everyone?
5. Is there such a thing as sin?
6. What will the future be: dystopic, utopic, or something between these two?
7. Do zodiac signs have any influence on people?
8. What is your motto?
9. Do you fear death?
10. What foreign languages do you speak?

The tagged:
Please be so kind and write ten little facts about yourself, answer my ten questions and think ten questions of your own. Tagging is optional, I suppose.


I'll write a proper journal... somewhen. Take care. :)

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